Siren Watcher

Siren Watcher Researcher Writer - CV Resume

CV Resume

CV Resume

Siren Watcher Researcher Writer - CV Resume

Personal Information

Current Experience

English Teacher

Education Professional

2022 – Present

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I have been working at Londsale for 6 months today.


Attention to Detail



Academic English

Business English

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking


Cross-cultural Communication


PC Building

Time Management


Writing (Article, Technical, Web Content)


Remote Work

Foreign Residency



D/SLR Photography

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO/SEM)

Typing Speed (75wpm 100% accuracy)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Virtual Reality (VR)


Adult Education

Teaching English as a Second Language

Receptionist Duties

Goods Receivable

POS (Point-of-Sale)


Customer Service

Customer Experience


Google Analytics

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

Small Team

Large Team

Small Business

Large Business

Website Design

Online Business

Jewellery Design

Australian Registered Business

Public Relations

Brand Image

Troubleshooting (software and hardware)

Complex systems understanding

Computer Hardware

Proton and Steam

Wine Staging



Microsoft Excel

LibreOffice Calculator

Whilst at The Hills Technical College (TAFE NSW), I achieved both a Certificate of Intermediate Excel and a Certificate of Advanced Excel.

Transcript / Transcript

Word Processing

Microsoft Word
LibreOffice Writer

In my Word Processing unit at Macleay College as a part of a Diploma of Journalism, I received formal training for Microsoft Word usage. LibreOffice Writer is the open source alternative to Microsoft Word.



Microsoft Powerpoint
LibreOffice Impress

In my Computer Studies unit at Macleay College as a part of a Diploma of Journalism, I received formal training for Microsoft Powerpoint usage. LibreOffice Impress is the open source alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint.


Image Editing



In my Computer Studies unit at Macleay College as a part of a Diploma of Journalism, I received formal training for Adobe Photoshop usage. Gimp is the open source equivalent to Photoshop.


Video Editing

Final Cut Pro



Openshot Video Editor

In my Video Journalism unit at Macleay College as a part of a Diploma of Journalism, I received formal training for Final Cut Pro. Two open source variants I have commonly used are Kdenlive and Openshot Video Editor.


Audio Editing



In my Radio Journalism unit at Macleay College as a part of a Diploma of Journalism, I received formal training for Pro Tools. Audacity is a widely used open source equivalent.


Layout Format Software


In my Print Editing and Production unit at Macleay College as a part of a Diploma of Journalism, I received formal training for InDesign. This involved making magazine covers, and page layouts across different forms of media.


Operating Systems


Linux Ubuntu Distribution

Linux Pop! OS Distribution

I have a good grasp of internal structures within Windows and Linux. I have been using Linux on and off since about 2013. I understand the basic differences between the major distributions and the benefits of others like Kali, Debian, Mint, etc.

I understand BIOS and UEFI. I understand basics of command line, speciality programs like flatpack, snap, package installers, synaptic and dependencies, advanced wine use (wine staging, winetricks, winecfg, etc), etc.


Webkit / Blink / Chromium / Gecko Browsers







I have used a wide range of browsers over my life and am aware of some of their backend infrastructure and forking.



Teach English as a Foreign Language

Issuing Organisation: ICOES

Credential ID: 100-101371

Issue Date: January, 2019

Teach Business English

Issuing Organisation: ELTOnline

Credential ID: UC-6R14QNAH

Issue Date: October, 2019

Prior Experience

Education Professional

ELICOS Teacher

2022 – Present

Ready Teacher

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Good recruitment company – Completed the minimum 4ish weeks of trial here before being offered a contract at Lonsdale.

Education Professional

English Teacher

2022 – Present



I taught online at this platform for approximately six months before starting an in-person teaching role. I teach here still casually to a small amount of students.


Education Professional

English Teacher

2020 – 2022

DMM Japan / Engoo


Obtained a 4.93/5 star rating from 2730 reviews out of 5618 classes over a 2 year period. I mostly taught Japanese adults, though sometimes to koreans or taiwanese and occasionally children, on DMM & Engoo.

DMM (outsourced company) – My teaching profile was registered on both and

Bibo Global (old) / Engoo (changed their formal name to product name) – Contract was signed.

95% of students originated from DMM but the formal hire company outsourcing teachers was Bibo Global / Engoo.


Education Professional

English Camp Instructor


Kids and Teens Sprachschule

Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

I taught children English in-person for a week long school camp in Germany. Playing games and teaching beginner English to young students.


Education Professional

English Teacher




Taught approximately 400 classes to small groups of Chinese students online on this platform after I had moved from China to live in Germany. Alo7 operates by pairing a native teacher with individual schools in China. Schools pairing clumps of 2-5 children with a teacher for 10 week blocks of group lessons.


Education Professional

English Teacher


Happy Learning English / Beijing Hang Xin International Culture Exchange

Guiyang, Guizhou, China

Teaching Chinese children (aged 5-18) in person at a private language school in Guiyang, China. I held classes on afternoons and weekends with three different age groups of children; 5-8 years old, 8-10 years old, and 10-12 years old.


Arts Professional

Freelance Photographer

2015 – Present

Pixabay / DeviantArt


Over the past decade I have developed Royalty Free images whilst studying multiple professional courses.


Media Professional

Freelance Writer

2013 – Present


Over the last decade I have produced written content across multiple small scale websites. My roles have included feature writing and blog post copywriting content. I have also managed and created content for business pinterest accounts. Alongside creating video entertainment, utilising SEO-optimized pieces and Ahrefs keyword tracking.


Jewellery Designer

Freelance Designer

2013 – 2017


I ran my own online jewellery business on eBay.



Front Desk Receptionist


Toll Group

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia

Front Desk Receptionist and Greeter for Toll at the small Airport in Bankstown.

Sales Assistant

Retail Stock and Customer Service Clerk



Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia

Store Filler at an Office Supply Store in the Stationary department.


Head Office Receptionist – Flooring Branch


Harvey Norman

Silverwater, New South Wales, Australia

Switchboard Operator and Goods Receivable Clerk for all Management staff across Australia. Maintained switchboard independently. Directed calls to each department. Developed a knowledge of store locations. Polite and courteous to all franchise head management calling the Head Office.

Answering incoming calls, remembering store managers names and store details, alongside diverting calls throughout the office. Inputting goods receivable data into SAP and Excel spreadsheets from the warehouse underneath the office.

Bakers and Pastrycooks

Apprentice Baker


Woolworths Group

Cherrybrook, New South Wales, Australia

I quit this employment due to travel issues not due to dissatisfaction with the role. In this position I had a rotating roster of early morning and late nights. I received block training for baking skills at Technical College.

Sales Assistant / Storepersons

Goods Receivable and Customer Service Clerk


QBD The Bookshop

Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

This role consisted of store filling, goods receivable for deliveries, customer service and sales. This was the first role I learnt goods receivable.

Medical Receptionist / Switchboard Operator

Switchboard Operator


Specialist Services

Westmead, New South Wales, Australia

Answering phone calls at the call center for Specialist Services, which is a company that employs specialist doctors who become shareholders in the business. I had the responsibility of answering calls in a polite and professional manner. Directing calls to specific doctor’s receptionists, entering data into the house system for appointments and doctor updates, handling inquiries about pay, directing patients to their elected surgeries, making appointments, conversing directly with doctors and upheld being punctual and holding a professional appearance.

Sales Representatives and Agents

Outside Cold Sales Representative



Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

In this role I learnt the extents of my sales ability, in trying to sell Green energy. I learnt skills in cold sales, how to approach people in their homes, and learnt to develop my own personal understanding on the topic of one’s belief of consent. For example, knowing the limits and extents I felt comfortable pushing for a purchase. Did this job casually as a second job whilst working for Coles Group.

Sales Support Worker / Food Trades Assistant

POS Customer Service Assistant and Bakery Assistant

2004 – 2008

Coles Group

Stanhope Gardens, New South Wales, Australia

I worked in two departments and in two stores over the four years. I temporarily relocated to a new store (Rouse Hill) when it freshly opened and needed staff. Upon employment I was operating a register, handling money and processing purchases, whilst giving customer service through store knowledge. I sought to have an index of memories for all locations of items in the store. Secondary department was in the bakery. Role consisted of packing consumables, alongside producing small items like icing cakes and making donuts. Whilst in the bakery for 2 years I worked early weekend hours 5am-2pm, during my later teenage years.

Keyboard Operator

Data Entry Clerk


Wattyl Paints

Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia

Inputting data entry and reorganised filing system. Helped to get the system get up to date from a backlog. Did this job casually as a second job whilst working for Coles Group.

Keyboard Operator

Telephone Service Representative


Kings Langley Pizza

Kings Langley, New South Wales, Australia

The role consisted of taking orders either through phones or in-person at the store. Spent my time learning to remember names, ingredients and recipes of all the things one could order. Did this job casually as a second job whilst working for Coles Group.

Keyboard Operator

Buffet Waitress


Parramatta RSL Club

Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

Bistro job which consisted of serving customers, handling money, and tidying up.

Other Miscellaneous Labourers

Delivery Contractor

2000 – 2002

AYJAY Promotions

Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia

Learnt to work to a schedule. Job consisted of folding hundreds of pamphlets during the week, and then delivering them on weekends.

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