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Job Title

English Teacher


Recruiter Company: Engoo

Outsourced Company: DMM Eikaiwa

Job Type

Remote Freelance Contractor

Start Date

24th January 2020


4.93/5 stars by client reviews.


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5618 classes completed as of February 2022.

2020/01+02: 127 classes

2020/03: 198 classes

2020/04: 203 classes

2020/05: 268 classes

2020/06: 272 classes

2020/07: 266 classes

2020/08: 287 classes

2020/09: 259 classes

2020/10: 264 classes

2020/11: 272 classes

2020/12: 268 classes

2021/01: 223 classes

2021/02: 264 classes

2021/03: 206 classes

2021/04: 235 classes

2021/05: 238 classes

2021/06: 211 classes

2021/07: 231 classes

2021/08: 175 classes

2021/09: 145 classes

2021/10: 295 classes

2021/11: 205 classes

2021/12: 131 classes

2022/01: 186 classes

2022/02: 189 classes


I taught English to a mixture of business professionals as intermediate-to-advanced learners looking to grow their English skills for employment and travel. Occasionally also beginner children to supplement their mandatory English school education. Many students book me who are looking to push the limits of their English speaking and listening ability.

DMM Eikaiwa Siren Watcher
Engoo Siren Watcher

What Is an Eikaiwa and Should You Work at One?

“While English is a required curriculum after for students in Japan fifth grade, the rigid Japanese education system is not designed to encourage English fluency. As such, students often memorize bits and pieces to pass their exams, but are far from capable of holding in-depth conversations. As a response to the overwhelming population students looking to learn more, entrepreneurs created a system of private organizations, or schools, focused on learning English from native speakers. These English language schools are called eikaiwas.”

“Stemming from the Japanese translation for English language conversation, eikaiwas are exactly that: schools created to help support the public education system in its quest to improve the English conversational and grammar skills of students.”

“The higher demand to learn English doesn’t stop with young students, the need for adults and workers to improve their comprehension is growing as well. It’s not uncommon for these eikaiwas to support a range of student ages and abilities – afternoons might see pupils coming directly from school while the the night it reserved for older and more advanced learners that come from work.”

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