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Teach Business English

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Course Description:

Learn the basics of course design and assessment, as well as foundations for teaching English for Business Purposes (EBP) that will improve your teaching skills in any teaching situation. Each lecture includes additional materials which you can use in your own classroom or as professional development.

Course Outcome:

  • Know what to expect in terms of students and the teacher’s role in English for Business Purposes (EBP) contexts.
  • Learn how to conduct a Needs Assessment and use it to inform your Course Design.
  • Learn how to place students and how to assess their progress.
  • Have an understanding of the kinds of materials used in EBP.
  • Have an understanding of facilitation in the EBP classroom.
  • Learn how to give useful feedback to your EBP students.
  • Know the basics of teaching EBP Speaking Skills: Socializing, Meetings/Negotiations, and Presentations.
  • Have an understanding of how to assist students with written correspondence used in EBP contexts.

Completed Units:

Business English Basics

  • Business English Essentials
  • Business English Basics Quiz

The Business English Course

  • Needs Assessment
  • Course Design
  • Needs Assessment and Course Design Quiz
  • Placement
  • Assessment
  • Assessment Quiz

Foundations for Teaching Business English

  • Types of Materials in Business English
  • Materials Quiz
  • Setting Up an Activity
  • Monitoring an Activity
  • Giving Feedback After an Activity
  • Facilitation and Feedback Quiz

Teaching Functional Language

  • Facilitating Meetings
  • Assessing Meetings
  • Practice Meeting Scenario
  • Teaching Language for Negotiations
  • Presentations pt. 1
  • Presentations pt. 2
  • Teaching Language for Socializing
  • Teaching Language for Emails
  • Bonus Lecture: The SP-MACS Format for Business Emails
  • Teaching Language for Telephoning

The Integrated Course: Putting it All Together

  • Utilizing Case Studies Part 1: Comprehension and Problem Solving
  • Utilizing Case Studies Part 2: Communicating the Results
  • Summary of Key Points

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